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There’s a greater demand than ever for video content that is short and enjoyable. Mobile devices are turning more and more moments into video viewing opportunities. Bored in line at the grocery? Waiting to pick up your kid? Passing time before boarding a flight? Pull out your phone and watch something.

The thing about these moments is — they’re short. If you think you have 2 minutes to waste, you’re not going to click on a 5-minute video. Maybe not even a 2-minute video. It makes sense that the segment of online video growing the fastest is the shortest – under 1 minute. The ability to watch anywhere, anytime is changing the way people interact with content.

So, people are willing to watch a short video about your company. But with so little time, how are you going to tell them about the benefits of your products and services? How will you differentiate your product from the rest? Rather than thinking of your short-lived audience as a problem, think about it as the solution.

When selling a product or service, there are two main factors to focus on: desire and relationship. After all, these are the primary forces behind purchase decisions. You don’t have to try and communicate both of these ideas to your prospects at once. The fact that prospects have a preference for shorter video mean you should break these up. Consider a multi-part video campaign.

With that in mind, here are 3 types of videos to start with:

  1. About US – The Company Bio

Who are you? And better yet – what are you? Why is your business so successful?

A strong company video will have an authentic feel and follow a three-part story arc. Keep the content pretty light, focus on the people and culture behind the company.  You want the story to be easy to follow. Don’t worry about squeezing in every detail. A good company profile will leave the viewer curious, looking for more information on your website.

  1. Elevator Pitch on Steroids

You may have worked on a 30-second elevator pitch in the past. If you’ve got only 30 seconds to sell your company, product, or service – you’ve got to focus on just a few important things. Think about this though, if you have another 30 seconds with your prospect, what else would you fit in?

The combination of audio and visual content – that’s what makes video so powerful. In the same 30 seconds, you can fit in more. Plus, keeping the message short means you can add the video to a number of different posts. Think about two sentences that sum you up and add a call to action. Telling a compelling story in such a short space can be difficult, reach out to a One Floor Up producer to find out how we can help.

  1. The Testimonial

It doesn’t matter what your business or industry is, having a strong customer will give your business validity, and help convert more sales. A professionally produced case study can help your prospect see themselves and their need in an industry counterpart. Testimonials are versatile – they can be used on your website, as a follow up after a sales call, or even as a paid promotion or pre-roll ad. A library of testimonial videos is living proof of your successful track record.

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