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Live Event Pre-Show Marketing

Video content is a useful marketing tool at a live event or tradeshow, but capturing attendee attention should begin long before the trade show floor opens. Pre-show marketing, such as a teaser video, prior to an event is an important and effective aspect of your marketing campaign to consider.

Teaser StillPre-show content or a teaser video can come in many different forms, such as live action, animation or even experimental video. But in general, they’re usually fast-paced, filled with lots of dynamic footage – whether it be b-roll, testimonials, graphics, etc. – pulsed along by a snazzy soundtrack. Again, it’s meant to be a teaser, meaning you can withhold information to entice potential attendees.

Beginning your marketing strategy months prior to an event is a great way to pump people up who have already committed to attending, and attract those who haven’t. Creating a sense of energy and excitement through a pre-show video prompts trade show goers to attend, and then return year after year. Plus it gives people the chance to learn a little bit about you and your brand before the show. As a bonus, if the video lives on the event sign-up page, it can increase your attendance by up to 80%

As part of a large video campaign to promote the 2018 IPW tourism conference, One Floor Up worked with Visit Denver to create a series of pre-conference teasers. The campaign, “Denver Will Surprise You!”, featured testimonials from known names in Colorado. Coupled with b-roll of the region and fun graphics, each video showcased some unique aspects of Denver and the surrounding area. The goal of the campaign was to excite attendees and potential attendees about visiting Denver for the leading international trade show. Check out videos one, two, three, and four.

Aside from our work, here are some of our favorite pre-show videos:

  • Cognex scanners, “Boldly Go” event kick off video
  • Though not an actual trade show event, this was a cool marketing technique for the television station TNT.

When thoughtfully planned out and constructed, pre-event videos can be effective tools for brands to increase attendance and keep those committed to attending engaged and excited about the event. There’s no limit to what you can do in a teaser video. And, of course, if you need any assistance on your next event marketing video (be it pre-show, at your booth, or a post-event recap), don’t hesitate to reach out to One Floor Up!

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