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Guide Your Team Through Change with Video

Cha-cha-changes…. At One Floor Up we do a lot of videos for our clients going through change. Changes like a new initiative, new training material, a merger or acquisition or the introduction of a new software or program, to name a few.

Obviously all of these changes are very different and some way more significant than others. However, they all have one thing in common; they affect your employees productivity and emotional state in some way. Are you familiar with The Change Curve? Well, it turns out there are a few… These change curve diagrams lay out the stages of change and the emotions and feelings that often come with productivity. So how can you prevent that anger and limit the amount of lost productivity? Video Of course! A video of leadership and peers coaching your team through the change. Telling them what to expect, guiding them through any negativity that could come from it, and showing them how everyone will benefit after adoption of this change.

By addressing the stages of the change curve and knowing what to expect we can get in front of the negativity that sometimes comes with change.

Big move play buttonAt One Floor Up we truly become an extension of your team. As you can imagine most internal communication change initiatives are proprietary. If you would like to see some examples, contact us. Check out the video we created for BP when they announced their big move to Denver (on left). The goal was to inform, excite and let BP employees know where to go for any questions.

Are you working through change or about to dive into something new? Let us help you plan your video strategy and get in front of loss time and productivity.

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