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H2Overhaul: a water-wise initiative

One Floor Up has partnered with Orange Circle Consulting and The City of Thornton to create engaging video content for their water-wise conservation campaigns.

It’s been amazing to work with a team so dedicated to water conservation and environmental responsibility. Though we’ve only been involved the last three years, the team at Thornton and Orange Circle have been at it for over ten – and they’ve seen major success. From 2005 to 2015 they reported a 27% decrease in water use in single family households.

An impact like that couldn’t come at a better time. Just this week, the Denver Post reported that Colorado mountain snowpack has shrunk to record-low levels. Some areas of the state are as low as 22 percent of normal and as we move into the spring and summer season, we’re looking at potentially significant drought conditions.

H2Overhaul is a water conservation initiative that provides programs and resources to transform thirsty lawns into beautiful water-saving landscapes. The goal: to help you save more water and spend less on your summer water bill. Check out the video we created – and see how Nancy and Jim transformed their lawn into a beautiful, water-wise oasis.

Each year, a 3,500 sq. ft. lawn soaks up about 84,000 gallons of water. The same lawn with 40% turf and 60% low-water plants, shrubs and trees only uses 49,000 gallons annually. And that adds up to a lot of savings.

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