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2018 Motion Design Trends- Double Exposure

Sometimes, a motion graphics/animation style is executed on so well and so beautifully, that it becomes the barometer for every piece that looks like it in the future. Double exposure has been popular in photography for years and it delivers such a powerful, easy to interpret end result. Recently, the style has started to make its way into more motion graphic work. This look is actually fairly simple to achieve with the right footage. Silhouettes of people or objects are used as the “container” for other types of footage. Some quick adjustments to blend the two pieces of footage together and you are on your way! We had a lot of fun using this style in a project for GoGo Biz last year. 

You can find examples of this Double Exposure technique in music videos, commercials, movie trailers and so much more.

We hope to find more ways to use this cool technique many more times in the future!

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