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How-To: Building a Better B2B Video Series

Video series can be key in building a relationship with your prospects. By consistently adding content in the form of a video series, you give your audience a reason to continually visit your content, and thus become familiar with your business practices. This is crucial in driving a business relationship.

Creating a Video Series

Just like any business decision, creating a video series needs to start with a plan.

To prepare for your series, ask yourself a few simple questions to generate an outline or plan for your project:

  • Why are you creating the series?
  • What is your goal for the series?
  • What can your audience expect to gain from the series?
  • What is your ideal outcome for the series?

These questions are just the begining of your overreaching plan; the things you will want to nail down before you start to plan the content for individual videos.

By answering these questions, you can narrow your series to a specific theme like: customer interviews, thought-leader chats, content drip, or best practices. And remember: commit to your series. Often times, when content production becomes demanding, a video series can get put on hold or end abruptly leaving the audience hanging. Having an understanding of the full scope of your series will help you budget and allocate your time accordingly. If possible, film a few videos of your series at once so that you can release them incrementally each time you are ready to publish.

How-To: The Basics of Creating Individual Videos in a Series

Establishing a clear connection between the videos in your series is important for retaining your audience. There are a few things that you should keep in mind when planning the content of your series.

  • Call attention to the series. Let your viewers know that there will be more of these great videos. You can make this clear by including series in your title and making sure to announce it as a series.
  • Be consistent with your topic. Make it easy for your audience to see a connection in the content of the videos. Stick to a concept, theme or style so that your audience knows what to expect. This will help ensure that they keep coming back!
  • Give them access to the full series. Let your audience see all that you have to offer in your video series. This is easily accomplished by using a dedicated video hub on your website or a specific channel or thread. YouTube is great for this!
  • Encourage your viewers to keep watching! Offering “See more” clips at the end of each video can increase the odds of multiple-video consumption.

The best way to learn what works is to check out examples! Research other video series from around the web and let us know what you learn.

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