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The power of video advertising

One Floor Up creates captivating video ads for businesses in Dallas. Video advertising has become one of the most effective strategies used to attract customers and drive more sales. Unlike print and text ads, videos combine visual and auditory storytelling elements that leave more lasting impressions.

Today, video ads can be seen in all types of websites, from social platforms to company pages and streaming services. Businesses across all industries are now leveraging videos to convey their brand message and engage users on a deeper level.

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How video ads can transform your business

Launch new products and services easier

Around 94% of marketers report that videos helped boost user understanding of their product or service.

Video ads are an excellent way to educate consumers because of their ability to appeal to multiple senses and convey information within a short span of time. After all, humans are hardwired to process and remember visual content faster than text.

By using videos to advertise new products and services, brands can significantly improve retention rates and brand recall. Additionally, videos help explain difficult concepts to viewers. For instance, explainer videos and animated content can be used to demonstrate how your products work and entice viewers to try them out.

Drive revenue growth

More than 80% of marketers say video marketing has had a positive impact on their company’s bottom line. By leveraging the strengths of video advertising, brands can generate more leads, influence buying decisions, and exceed sales targets.

Work with a trusted video production team

At One Floor Up, our main goal is to produce attention grabbing videos that will put your core message in front of target prospects.

In-house multi-disciplinary team

Since 2011, our vast network of creative professionals has been producing all types of video content, from animated explainer videos to live action content.

Our in-house team consists of:

  • Casting directors
  • Colorists
  • Directors
  • Editors
  • Hair and makeup artists
  • Location scouts
  • Producers
  • Scriptwriters
  • VFX artists

Working with our in-house team means you don’t have to source multiple creatives from different agencies. We have all the talent and expertise needed to create videos that bring your brand to life.

Outstanding storytelling and cinematography

The secret to engaging video advertising is effective storytelling. At One Floor Up, we maximize storytelling techniques to create video content that speaks to your target audience.

From there, we incorporate cutting-edge production techniques to deliver sleek and compelling videos that can run on all devices and platforms.

Top-notch service from ideation to post-production

We handle every stage of the video production process, from pre-production to filming and editing.

We embrace collaboration and real transparency, so you can rest assured that there will be  no surprises. Our team can work around tight budgets and timeframes, ensuring the efficiency of the entire production and the seamless delivery of the output.

Reach new prospects with unique video ads

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